New Representative for Tasmania

ACCA welcomes Garry Wilson as the new Tasmanian representative , we wish him all the best in this position and give him our support. Garry welcomes any enquiries from Tasmania , his contact details are in the contact section of this website

ACCA thank Justin Rooke for making himself available previously as state rep.

New NSW Representative

We welcome Michael Kale as the new state rep for NSW, we give him our support and wish him well in this position.

ACCA thank past rep Chris Osborne for duties in this role.

New WA Representative

The new state representative, Rob Druitt has taken over the position of WA rep and on behalf of ACCA I wish him our support and friendship during his term.

I also wish to thank Robert Allam for his role as WA rep during 2017-18

Upcoming Events

GAWLER  S.A. Swap Meet 22nd September 2019 , Justin Heard has an inside site and will have ACCA shirts , caps and badges available as well as his own treasures.

Queensland’s ACCA get together is on 28th October in  Toowoomba 2018 (refer to mag 103).

Garry Collins Queensland’s state rep, extends a welcome to all ACCA members to visit his collection by appointment.

Victoria ACCA gathering will be on Sunday 26th August in Kongwak (refer to mag 103).

SA will hold a gathering in 3rd February 2019 in conjunction with the Victor Harbour swap meet (refer to Justin Heard for the details).

NZ member Steve Keys has invited all to view the progress of the rebuild of a 1938 Diamond T, Texaco tanker.

New ACCA SA Representative

ACCA has a new SA rep. Justin Heard has taken on the position from Michael Lindsay.

ACCA thanks Michael for his long time serving as SA rep and wish Justin all the support from SA and all ACCA members.

ACCA’s New Website

ACCA’s new website is complete and I wish to thank Peter Brennan at Icarus Design for all his work on getting this project done.

I also thank Danny Geus and Rod Prime for their impute on the web as well.

Finally Ian Byrne for all the work he has done on the web for many years. Ian’s work made it easy to transfer all the data onto the new site.