Member Code of Conduct

The following responsible rules, which could also be called a Code of Conduct, which were first published in issue 92 of the ACCA Magazine (July-September 2015). They were drawn up to make sure all members understand what is expected of them and their executives. Whilst good governance is a key area, knowing the behaviour boundaries are paramount to harmony which gives assurance to longevity of the club. All members are encouraged to make themselves familiar with these rules. By being a financial member of ACCA each person agrees to abide by these rules.


The full name Automobilia Collectors Club of Australia (Incorporated) hereon known as “ACCA”.


To provide an organisation in which members who collect automobilia meet like-minded collectors to share knowledge, acquire, swap or sell items, all underpinned by our quarterly ACCA magazine to members only, plus annual gatherings in which potential members are also encouraged to attend.


Automobilia may be advertising signs and literature, radiator badges, body badges, identification plates, motoring club badges, mascots, hub caps, spark plugs, number plates, garage tools and equipment, motor manuals, motoring accessories, and even pedal cars. In addition, most members collect the vast range of oil industry-related items of general garagenalia including petrol pumps both manual and electric; oil bottles with their tops and racks; petrol, oil and grease tins; both box-ends and pine boxes for 2 x 4 gallon tins; enamel and tin advertising signs; road maps, ephemera, historical photos, advertising material and associated pieces, etc.


ACCA is to operate as a financially-viable, non-profit, incorporated association, encouraging participation by all members to the extent in which they wish to contribute.

Executive body

ACCA will be governed by a volunteer Executive body automatically comprising the current President, Vice-President, Membership Secretary, and Treasurer and Editor. Such a body will commit to honesty, integrity and transparency, meeting whenever necessary.

Other office-bearers

ACCA will have other nominated office-bearers in the form of Historian, Compliance and Governance, Sub-Editor, Advertising Manager, State and Country Representatives, Website Moderator.


  1. The Executive body will use their best endeavours, to ensure ACCA is managed in a manner that reflects the needs of all ACCA members.
  2. The Executive body will convene ACCA’s Annual General Meeting on a date, at a venue, with an agenda, all published in sufficient time to ensure members have adequate notice in which to participate.
  3. The quarterly ACCA magazine is solely for financial members of ACCA, and may not be distributed in any manner without prior written consent of the Executive body.
  4. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated within ACCA, that being so, members will show respect for each other, and not speak disparagingly of other members.
  5. A member who is subject to bullying, harassment and/or disparaging conduct by another member may ask the Ethics Committee (made up of three Executive members, including either the President or Vice-President) to mediate to seek an amicable resolution
  6. In the Ethics Committee deeming unacceptable behaviour by any member, that member may be refused on-going membership of ACCA.
  7. Physical security of member’s collectable items will be paramount. Members will treat all information, including collecting interests, items and locations with absolute privacy.
  8. A member shall not share photos of member collectables, other members, or any personal information in any manner (including social media) without first obtaining the express permission of that member.

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